Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies allow parents, who may not wish to have a religious ceremony, to commemorate the naming of their child. It also offers an opportunity to officially introduce the child to their circle of family and friends. This is not a legal ceremony and there are no restrictions as to when or how it should be conducted. It might be soon after birth, or on the child’s first birthday.

Often, a guardian or Godparents will be appointed and Grandparents and siblings acknowledged. This is a time when we might tell the story of the child’s journey to life. There might be a story with regard to the origin of the child’s name or a discussion of the child’s budding personality. This also offers an opportunity for the parents to express their hopes and wishes for the child.

There are endless possibilities for creating a memorable ceremony, full of fun and individual significance. I will present you with a beautiful Naming Certificate at the conclusion of the ceremony. I can also provide certificates for the guardians or Godparents, if requested.

A Naming Ceremony can also be held for change in names for adults, celebrating a new chapter in their life.

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